My Bucket List:

things that I want to do before I won't be able to do it anymore.

The first table present the five most important things that I want to do.

Visit Brazil Visit the Niagara Falls
Meet the Prophet Do sky diving
Go under the ocean with a submarine

This table is a list of the most important things I want to do which is in my bucket list. The table includes information on what I want to do, where this will happen, when this will happen, and with who I want to do it.

numberMy Whishesplacewith who
1Meet and talk to the ProphetUtahwith my family
2Visit Brazilin Soa Polo and Rio de Janerowith my friends
3Visit the Niagara Fallsin CanadaWith my friends
4Do Skydivinghere in hawaiiwith my tahitian friend
5Go under the ocean with a submarineIn Tahitiwith my Family and friends
6Do Flyboardingin Brazilwith my friends
7Ride an elephantin indiawith my close friends
8See the Northern lightin AlaskaWith my family
9Go on a hot air balloonin FranceWith my family
10go paraglidingin carabeans islandwith my friends

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